The idea for RxRefund came from personal frustration with the current options for returning outdated medications. Working at my uncle’s pharmacy on weekends in middle and high school, it was my job to sort through the endless bottles of medications looking for outdated bottles. My uncle told me that the pharmacy would get money back for returning the expired bottles.
Fast forward more than 25 years, and many of the same problems still exist in the returns industry:
Pharmacies trust thousands of dollars to a free shipping label, which cannot be tracked, and worse- leaves you empty-handed if the package is damaged or lost.
Without an inventory of what went into the box even if you did insure the box you still cannot collect if something happens.
Moreover, without a complete inventory, you do not have an accurate cost for how much to insure the box. For example, if you’re given a $250 credit for a bottle that costs your pharmacy $450, you really lost $200.