Mission statement

At Rx Inventory, our mission is to revolutionize pharmacy operations with our user-friendly software. We strive to make inventory management a breeze, allowing pharmacies to focus on what matters most – their patients. With our efficient solutions, we aim to help pharmacies increase profitability and provide top-notch care.

Our Team

At Rx Inventory, we’re a tight-knit family of tech enthusiasts and pharmacy experts, working together to revolutionize the way pharmacies run their operations.

Jamie Morrison

With a deep understanding of pharmacy operations and a passion for efficiency, I lead Rx Inventory to provide user-friendly software solutions that revolutionize the way pharmacies manage their inventory and operations, ultimately improving patient care and profitability.

Annie Hofstadter

As the CTO of Rx Inventory, I bring my extensive technical knowledge and expertise to develop and maintain our innovative web portal and mobile application, ensuring that pharmacies have access to cutting-edge technology that simplifies their daily operations and enhances their overall efficiency.

Happy Customers​

We make managing your pharmacy a breeze so you can focus on what really matters – your patients.

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